The month of July at the Jokioinen Museum Railway ends again the traditional Minkiö Steam festival. The largest event of this steam season will be held on Saturday and Sunday 27.-28. July. The venue is at the Minkiö depot. Welcome to experience the power of steam at Minkiö!

The festival grounds will be open on both days between 10.30-17.00. On both days there will be three steam trains running between Jokioinen-Minkiö-Humppila and one special H.K. Porter steam locomotive operating a park train on the festival grounds. From Jokioinen station there is a bus connection to Jokioinen estates and Forssa and you can visit for example the Jokioinen English Tea Room. Busses will leave Jokioinen station at 9.25, 10.32, 11.45, 13.25, 14.30, 15.25, 16.00 and 16.57. There will be also a free and very popular museum coach service from Forssa bus station to Jokioinen station and then forward to Minkiö Steam Festival by a real steam train.

Download the Forssa-Jokioinen bus timetable over here!

During the weekend there will be five stationary steam engines running in addition to steam locomotives of the Jokioinen Museum Railway. For the smallist of the family there were several miniature steam engines and trains running and on display. And this year you can also try to ride with a real horse! There will be a riding area where you can try your skills on horseback.