The steam festival grounds are located at Minkiö railway station in Kiipu village, Jokioinen, at Kiipuntie 49. Klick on the map to get a bigger version of it. You can open Google Maps over here.

Map of the Jokioinen Museum Railway

Kiipu village is about 3 kilometers from Helsinki - Pori highway number 2. Local road 2813 from Jokioinen to Humppila is running about 1/2 kilometer of Minkiö station. There is a "MUSEORAUTATIE" signposted route from both roads to Minkiö station.

Parking on festival grounds is free of charge. Parking area is located by the Kiipuntie road on the west siode of the narrow gauge railway about 200 meters from the main entrance to the festival grounds.

You can also arrive at Minkiö by a steam train from Humppila or Jokioinen direction. Because of limited parking at Minkiö station it is recommended to park either at Humppila or Jokioinen stations and take a steam train to Minkiö. Schedules of festival trains...

From Forssa you can take a free museum coach to Jokioinen station and continue by a steam train to Minkiö steam festival.
Timetables of the free coach from Forssa to Jokioinen and back (pdf).

Humppilan station is located opposite to VR railway station. There is a large car parking lot by the VR station where you can park you car. After that you need to walk through an underground passage on the other side of the VR tracks to access the narrow gauge railway station. The route to Humppila station is signposted "Museorautatie" from the highway number 2.

Jokioinen station is located by the local road 2813 about 1,5 km from the center of Jokioinen to Humppila direction. The route to Jokioinen station is signposted "Museorautatie" from the highway number 10.